twkmhmm, one host.
sunrunner20twkm: all in one homelab
sunrunner20homelab = Learning for realworld, but knowing I can't always match real world
twkmi.e., then all you have is an spof, so what's to manage about it. nested i suppose.
sunrunner20I plan to have two nested ESXi hosts
sunrunner20which will run the majority of the actual VMs
twkmyou'll probably have terrible performance, but for modeling situations it might not be too bad.
soiaryyou would be surprised at the performance
twkmi usually am.
sunrunner20just googled
sunrunner20one guy's test
sunrunner20its only a 15% performance hit
rnelson0sunrunner20: vmware's current guidance is to run vcsa while virtualized.
rnelson0they offer no specific guidance of which vmhost but that depends on your size. if you have 3 hosts then theres not much of an option.
tmx2any of you using Cisco MDS fibre switches?
tmx2when creating a zoneset with NPIV enabled, do you add the virtual WWPN's in the zoneset or just the physical WWPNs?
tmx2im trying to get my UCS connected to a VNX
tmx2having some issues
soiarydo you have a san administrator?
soiaryor any other cisco FIs in your environment?
tmx2this is the first test env
sunrunner20I have to start the VCSA install from scratch because I fubared the DNS name
sunrunner20how do I set boot priority in ESXi webui?
sunrunner20and enable/disable autoboot?
sunrunner20I found the spot in the thick client
sunrunner20just not the web client
freakynlHi, does VCP6-DCV certification still come with a free workstation license? Don't see it listed any more
komaHello, is it possible that the firmware on the network cards does not ask for option 66 (next-server) when booting from pxe? Seems to skip the option and use directly gateway instead.
komatested with e1000 anx vxnet3
t4nk642Hi guys, can anyone point me in the direction of a powershell script that can pull usage stats per datastore per org vdc
zambaesxi uses the vmks for iscsi bindings when connecting using the iscsi software adapter?
freakynlzamba: is that a question?
zambafreakynl: looking for confirmation :)
freakynlzamba: confirmed
zambathe problem i'm facing is that i'm not able to reach an iscsi target on a different network
freakynlErm it's best not to put gateways in between iSCSI
freakynlif you have 2 networks and 2 uplinks put each uplink in 1 network, create 2 vswitches (1 for each uplink), with 1 vmk on each
freakynlcan troubleshoot connectivity from the cli with vmkping
NonSecwitterhm. sales on workstation pro
SuperLagIf my VMware license doesn't come with vMotion, and I want to move a VM from one datastore to another... is the only way to do that is on the command line?
Oliberwhich licence do you have? Essentials?
Oliberif you have vCenter, you can power off the VM and use Migrate to move it
SuperLagOliber: yeah, just Essentials
SuperLagoh awesome
SuperLagI tried that when they were powered on, and got the message about my license not having that feature
Olibercan use that for moving host/datastore/whatever, the limitation is it must be powered off without the licence
SuperLagthank you
SuperLaggood info
zambafreakynl: or just move the iscsi target into the same network
darkdrgn2kim running ESXi 6.5 (free) but i cant connect to console
darkdrgn2kkeep getting "Unable to connect to mks"
darkdrgn2kspecificaly ""(username/password) incorrect"
chgonzalezzcheck that your DNS are in order, hostname, etc.
darkdrgn2kbut im using IPs (not host names)
chgonzalezzso you're getting that error? username/pass incorrect?
darkdrgn2k"unable to connect to the MKs: Login (user/password) incorrect"
darkdrgn2kwhen i try to hit console
darkdrgn2kand looks liek hosts are set right wnoo
chgonzalezzis there any firewall between the client and host ?
darkdrgn2kon a lan
darkdrgn2ki was runing esxi 5.0 but i just installed 6.5
darkdrgn2ki picked "overwrite" but seesm to have retainerd the settings
darkdrgn2kummm any one know where i can find VEEAM 9.5 Update 1 ?
darkdrgn2ki can only fine 9.0
NonSecwitterdid VMWare discontinue the free version of Workstation?
ProAliasPlayer Pro is only free for non-commercial use now
ProAliasso the answer is "it depends"
NonSecwitterplayer pro?
sbingnervSAN doesn't seem to appriciate having a path to all the disks from both hosts :|
nathanihow does one change the hostname on an esxi host from the web interface?
sbingnernathani, configure - networking - tcp/ip
sbingnerer no sorry
sbingnerok yes that was right
oamadorQ: After updating vcenter windows to VCSA 6.5 in a homelab. Should one re-install ESXi 6.5 from ISO or upgrade the currently running 6.0?
nathanisbingner: I dont see that option in the web interface
nathanimight have to do it from the shell
sbingnernathani, that's the V6 one... but go to where you set DNS stuff and it'll be there
sbingnerI mean 6.5
sbingneroamador, AFAIK it wouldn't matter
oamadorok, thanks.
nathanivmware tools on esx guests doesnt auto size the window? still?
rjsaltsit does for me
rjsaltsit's a bit flaky, but it eventually works