EaglemanIs there a PoweCLI command that does the same as esxcfg-nas -r?
neoticEagleman: sadly not but you can do like this http://illvilja.org/remount-powercli.txt
Eaglemansmart, thanks neotic
geneckristian_on_linu: snapshots are no substitute for backups. take a backup
kristian_on_linuhi, genec
kristian_on_linujust really weird that it took several months before it worked properly
geneckristian_on_linu: and what precisely did you update? just OSs?
kristian_on_linugenec, yes
kristian_on_linuboth of them
geneckristian_on_linu: did you forget to install VMware Tools before? did you oversize the VM? did a driver update? look at the common culprits
mylarany rumors of Friday/Monday deals on vsphere?
geneche rage-quit after 15 minutes of silence
MrPocketsWell fuck
MrPocketsthis isn't how I wanted to start my Saturday morning
MrPocketsHave 4 pretty beefy hosts (64 vCPUs each, 100gigs+ of RAM ) running about 25 guests
genecMrPockets: hosts are sized by cores. CMT, known also as Intel HT, is no substitute for real cores
MrPocketsbut one of the four had some strange issues. Most of its guests were down, it was showing offline in vCenter, but none of the guests recovered as they should
MrPocketsI wanna say these have four 8 core chips
genecMrPockets: maintenance mode the host. get VMs recovered
MrPocketsmmmmmm fawk. I bounced the host with ILO
genecMrPockets: so a 32core host with a NUMA node size of 8c/32GiB perhaps....
MrPocketsbefore I really had a lot of confidence that was the problem. Its back up now and they close in 5 house, so I hate to screw with anything
MrPocketsDont tell anyone but I'm also hungover as a motherfucker
genecMrPockets: I hope you let it perform a full POST before bringing it back, right? checked the logs yet?
MrPocketsLet it POST and come up fully, yes. Have not checked the logs yet.
genecMrPockets: are you familiar with the NUMA problem?
MrPocketsvaugley. I thought that caused a pink screen though?
genecand from a licensing perspective, I really don't like the idea of any 4-socket hosts except under strict workloads that truly benefit.
MrPocketsACTION googles NUMA issue
genecMrPockets: the issue is that vm-1 on socket-0 can't access memory controlled by socket-1 without a large delay and some potential cache issues
genecMrPockets: are you certain on the RAM size? why 4-socket hosts instead of more dual-socket?
MrPocketsidk I could just be full of shit
genecwell, if your booze is shit...
MrPocketsyeah, full of shit
MrPockets2 sockets, 6 cored per socket.
MrPockets98,*** mb ram
MrPockets6.0 4510822
genecquite different
MrPocketsACTION hangs his head in shame 
genecMrPockets: I see this is your lab
MrPockets:-\ negative.
MrPocketsJust not a client with which I'm super familiar
genecMrPockets: pretty sure that's the bleeding edge patch.
genecbbl. good luck
MrPocketsThanks as aways genec !
TAFBcan I hide the vmware logo when booting a VM? (VMware Workstation 12 Player)
twkmdoes their license suggest it is allowed?
twkmif so i'd expect there to be a way.
Sysadmin88why do you want to hide it?
TAFBSysadmin88: lol
twkmpretty shitty response TAFB.
TAFBsorry, was cooking dinner. I'm setting up a laptop that boots right into a VM, I've changed the Windows 7 boot logo to match the VM os boot logo, so I'd like it to make it look like the laptop is booting right into that VM os, and the vmware logo kills that.
twkmsounds reasonable. alas i don't know if it is allowed. i suppose use nogui then start the gui, but istr that that has locking issues.
TAFB"This is controlled by the license key that you are using. You will need to use a standard purchased license key to turn off the VMware branding logo."
twkmi guess that means pro would allow it. though i have never looked for how to cause that to happen.
twkmi think player is free again with no pro version -- if so that means no purchase took place so it isn't allowed for player.
oamadorPowercli 6.5, when using start-vm on a script it will output a test progress bar (No progress is reported
oamador) I have redirected to $null but is still there
oamadorAnyway to supress that output?
twkmi don't use powercli, but if that were a *ix command i would say that it isn't writing to the stream you redirected.
oamadorsomething line 2>&1
oamadorto redirect stadout and stderr?
twkmthat's what i thought of when you described the issue. probably doesn't work quite that way with powercli.
tompawGuys, I'm trying to deploy an OFV into 6.5, but it hits me with "The OVF package is signed with an invalid certificate"
tompawIs there a way to either force it through or add the certificate into vcenter so it shuts up?
oamadorFound that the text progress bar is not a powercli thing but more of a powershell thing. A variable $ProgressPreference=’SilentlyContinue’ will suppress the text progress bar output.