twkmwhat's "unfair"?
saqeach disk gets shares
saqso a vm with two disks gets 2x the shares as a vm with 1 disk
saqunless you modify shares through resource groups or individual assignments
mulvaneWell, because I hate LVM in a VM environment, I was doing disk per partition. In theory I don't think it should matter much as most writes really only go to 1, maybe 2 disks
Krj7709Help please! Installed esxi 6 on server, used vsphere client to create win2k16 vm, installed vcenter on that vm... log into the web client and admin account and cant do anything really. what am I doing wrong
twkmfailing to read the setup guide.
Krj7709I've tried a few... point me in the right direction please :)
Krj7709the guide i'd like to read but is 404 , vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-60-installation-setup-guide.pdf
twkmfew, hmm, there aren't a few, just that one. gah, shittyscript only docmentation site. about time to give up on vmware.
gnomethrowerHey there - I need to back up my vCenter Server 5.5 for Windows server
gnomethrowerit's a physical machine, not a VM, so I can't snapshot it
gnomethrowerI want to upgrade to 6.5 but it's recommended to do a backup first
gnomethrowerI've searched extensively for how to back it up... found stuff for 6.0 and 5.0 but not 5.5
twkmnormal backup should work, maybe get veeam's free backup tool.
GVDgnomethrower: and don't forget to backup your database if it's not on the vcenter itself
gnomethrowertwkm: how do I perform a "normal backup"? maybe I don't have high enough privileges
gnomethroweri'm Manager, not Administrator... will be getting root password sometime next week, I think I might need to wait til then
GVDwhat kind of backups did you administrators take then?
GVDveeam, backupexec, acronis, etc?
twkm"normal" as in windows backup, since it is on a windows machine.
GVDthen take one of those and make sure you also have a backup of the database if it's external to the machine
gnomethrowerGVD: We have Veeam set up to backup our VMs, but AFAIK nothing to back up the actual vCenter server.
neoticgnomethrower: just take a backup of the ssl certs, config file and database
rawtazspeaking of backup, has anyone tried ?
neoticand move to vcsa
gnomethrowerneotic: moving to vcsa is not yet an option :(
gnomethroweralthough I would like to
neotichow come?
gnomethrowerneotic: The box we're running on has a number of other roles on it
gnomethrowerso we'd want/need to move those at the same time
gnomethrowerI may try a migration anyways to see how it goes
neoticoh jeez, you shouldn't really run anything else on a vCenter server ;)
gnomethrowerneotic: tell me about it..
gnomethrower"roles" might not be the right word for it.
gnomethrowerI don't know too much about vCSA - do you run it on one of your ESXi hosts?
neoticyep, it's a prebuilt vcenter appliance
gnomethrowerwhat happens if that host fails?
neoticwindows version is not getting updated for next release
gnomethroweroh. good excuse to move, then :)
neoticyou probably have more hosts and HA can spin it up somewhere else
gnomethrowerwe have 3, with plenty of spare capacity
neoticyou can also run vCenter in HA mode, but that's a bit overkill for a 3 esxi host env
gnomethrowerso in theory you'd just directly manage one of the hosts, the one which vCSA is running on?
gnomethrowerin order to turn it on/off/maintain it
neoticsure, but there's not really much you have to do to it
gnomethrowerI imagine I wouldn't even need to touch it
gnomethrowerI just want to know what happens if/when it goes bang :)
neoticwell, you can go directly to an esxi host to access the console/troubleshoot if access is down
gnomethrowerah. yes, that answers my question perfectly.
gnomethroweralso, I took a look around and I can't really see anything critical on this box other than vCenter
neoticyou can also migrate your windows vcenter to vcsa, keeping IPs, permissions, configs etc
gnomethrowerso I will strongly consider migrating to vCSA instead of upgrading it
gnomethrowerhaving less Windows boxes makes me happy..
gnomethrowercan I migrate from vCenter 5.5 to 6.5?
gnomethroweror would I upgrade to vCenter Server for Windows 6.5 first, then sidegrade?
neoticyes, you can go from windows 5.5 to vcsa 6.5
gnomethrowerseriously? that's awesome :)
gnomethrowerneotic: I'm seeing "Includes embedded DB2 database that is suitable for evaluation or for environments with less than 5 ESXi hosts or 50 virtual machines" on an article about vCSA
gnomethrowermind you, it's an article from 2011 which I seriously, seriously doubt is relevant now
neoticyeah that's removed
gnomethrowerwe have 3 hosts and 150 VMs
gnomethrowershould that be fine?
neoticvCSA 6.5 comes with vPostgres that scales to 10k VMs
gnomethrowerI understand it's moved to PostgreSQL?
gnomethrowerah. very nice.
neoticor if it was 25k vms, can't remember. it's too early!
neoticthat the windows version is dropped in should be reason enough ;)
gnomethrowerneotic: indeed, that's reason enough :P
gnomethroweri presume it'll be vSphere 7?
neotici can't tell you! :)
gnomethrowerit's actually going to be vSphere 6.6.1337 with Active Failover Technology
gnomethroweranyways, thanks for all the help. I'm pretty much set that we're migrating..
neoticvery good
neoticdon't forget backups!
raubStupid question: I have a datastore that is being passed as a iscsi lun to my cluster. I can see it by doing "esxcli iscsi session list" but not from the vsphere client. Is there a way to associate session identifier with datastore (to see if it was not renamed or something)?
neoticcheck the vmkernel.log
neoticwas it visible before? or is it newly created?
raubneotic: I *think* it was associated with a guest which was deleted but I was not the one who did it. So I want to mount it and take a quick look-see
raubJust to make sure it is ok to blow it up
neoticwas it mounted as an RDM or direct in the guest?
neoticanyway, you can't just present it to esxi and look inside, i doubt you were using vmfs on the LUN
neoticmount it to another VM that can read the filesystem
raubBut, how to mount it if I cannot even see it listed as a datastore?
neoticmount it directly in a VM, as you would on a physical systme
raubneotic: felling more confused here. From where?
rawtazyou mean "feeling"
raubOk, completely confused. Do you mean mount it into the guest as a iscsi lun or pass it somehow from the vsphere client as I have done with a physical drive?
neoticraub: where does the LUN come from?
neoticso present the LUN from the storage array to a VM that can read the LUN
neoticor is it used as a datastore by ESXi?
raubIt was used as datastore by the esxi before; I guess I was not explicit about that
neoticok, and what are you trying to achieve now?
raubmount it back as a datastore so I can see what is in it
neoticif it's formatted with vmfs (which it is if it was used by esxi) you can just present it back to esxi and mount it
neotici guess you already have the esxi host(s) configured for iscsi
raubHow to mount it? I thought when you did esxcli iscsi session list -n target-name it meant it was connected to the esxi
raubneotic: yep
funabash1hi guys, how can i clone my win10 laptop so i can import it into my vmware workstation ?
rawtazthere's the VMware Converter thingie you can use i guess?
rawtazwhen you go to the wizard to add a new VM, isnt there a "physical" option there?
neoticyes, you can use vmware converter
funabash1i have done a create system image of the computer now
funabash1called "WindowsImageBackup"
rawtazusing VMware Converter?
rawtazhey 720
funabash1nah windows thing
rawtazfunabash1: ok, so instead try to act on what we suggested above?
rawtazi also asked you a question which you havent answered
rawtazmostly out of curiosity
funabash1is that answer
rawtazyeah, if you cant find anything like physical in there
rawtazfunabash1: in Fusion, similar product to Workstation, there's a "Migrate an existing PC"
rawtazthats why i asked :)
rawtazfunabash1: there's plenty on google, here's the first hit:
JMAFOUis there any harm in upgrading esxi hosts to 6.5 u1 before vcsa update to U1?
neoticyou shouldn't. :)
GVDJMAFOU: never upgrade a host past the vCenter's version
altabhello, what is the "activate on firmware" option on VMWare Fusion?
bswork_I have identity sources truststore expired certs.. It looks like they were issued by a local CA. How do I fix this?
bswork_Do these certs even matter? Looks like they have been expired for awhile.
strixdioHello, anyone get issues with VMs that lose domain trust?
JMAFOUneotic, gvd, is there a reason not to, I have historically upgraded vcenter then hosts....
GVDJMAFOU: a reason not to what?
istevenmonhi guys, is it possible to join the vcsa 6.5u1 to a domain from the html5 UI?
GVDthe correct order is to upgrade the vcenter first & then the hosts
GVDJMAFOU: also consult this for other integrated products:
JMAFOUthanks GVD, one of my coworkers is dealing with an issue with 6.5 U1 and we wanted to upgrade the hosts first. I voiced my concern that the upgrade should always start with vcneter but I coudn't find any supporting document to backup me up :)
GVDi'd not expect much issues from upgrading from 6.5 to 6.5a. but if you want to do 6.5a to 6.5u1 for instance, I'd really strongly advise you to do the vCenter first
GVDto be honest, updating the vCenter isn't that much work, unless you run it in high availability mode or if you have a complex PSC setup
JMAFOUI have upgrade 6.5 0e to U1 on test env. not much to it. expect that we have an external PSC. so that gets upgraded first
Nightcinderhi i broke my server 2016 install by updating vmware tools
Nightcinderit's paravirtualized and rebooted and now it can't see the disk
bugs_i might try booting the windows iso into repair mode and try to go back to a restore point
bugs_hopefully there is a restore point before the vmwaretools install
Nightcinderit would be nice if i could just inject the damn driver
GVDNightcinder: iirc paravirtual is not supported for the OS boot disk. so you should be able to just reinstall vmtools on the OS disk?
Nightcinderit was definitely booted via paravirtual
Nightcinderyou load vmware tools iso during install
Nightcinderand it loads the driver
GVDjust because you can, doesn't mean it's supported
GVDbut ofc that doesn't help you
Nightcinderi have no idea if it's supported or not
Nightcinderthere has to be a way to just load the damn driver
Nightcinderdumb me for thinking it wouldn't remove that driver doesn't explicitly list it as not-supported it seems. it just contains a general warning now.
saqpvscsi only has a warning because it needs additional drivers
saqi use it across the board
saqNightcinder: tried safe mode?
Nightcinderit can't see the drive
Nightcinderwhat's more annoying is it isn't even trying to boot from the server 2016 iso
Nightcinderjust goes straight to booting windows
bugs_you have to change boot order in the bios
GVDcheck what they say under "additional information" dunno if this is still relevant though
bugs_like a real machine
GVDNightcinder: you can select to delay boot by say 10 seconds in the settings, allowing you to more easily access bios etc
NightcinderGVD: that's only if there's two hdd's nad they are both diff
Nightcindersaq: basically i need a way to load the vmware driver and then boot
saqNightcinder: well, power off the VM, remove the drive but dont delete, add it back in and have the adapter say sas
saqload vmware drivers
saqby installing tools
saqif you have issues maybe uninstall tools manually, reboot, install tools again
saqthen shutdown, remove drive but not delete, add back in and select pvscsi
Nightcinderk hold on
GVDNightcinder: for your peace of mind: it's officially supported as boot disk too according to this:
NightcinderCannot complete operation due to concurrent modification by another operation.
Nightcinderpls vmware..
Nightcinderit's not doing anything..
GVDyou sure that there's not a pending action?
Nightcinderno pending actions
twkmthen restart the management agents and pray they resolve it (and that you are right about nothing pending).
Nightcinderas in restart vcenter?
twkmhost management agent. if you have to restart vcenter it may require db changes too -- open an sr.
Nightcinderi got it to take the changes
Nightcindersaq: so i set it to SAS
Nightcindersame inaccessible boot device
Nightcinderrebuildbcd doesn't see the installation, but windows can see the disks
GVDjaelae: any experience with pvscsi as a boot disk & then accidentally nuking vmtools? Nightcinder is having some issues kicking it back to life
jaelaethats my worst nightmare
GVDi'm still too much of a pussy to run pvscsi on a boot disk
jaelaeyea im supposed to for best practicve
jaelaebut it makes me nervous
Nightcinderi have an idea
Nightcinderwe'll see
jaelaebut how did you setup the boot disk
jaelaecause if you install the OS on it you didnt install vmware tools yet. so i build my template with the paravirtual scsi controlle and load the driver during windows setup
Nightcinderjaelae: it's a single drive that had vmware tools on it
Nightcinderthe driver was loaded during install
Nightcinderbut i had ani ssue with vmware tools and reinstalled it and it rebooted after uninstalling
Nightcinderand i'm stuck at inaccessible boot device
Nightcinderinterestingly when i go to cmd it asks for my credentials and everything
Nightcinderit knows the OS is there, it just can't actually boot it
NightcinderGVD: jaelae i think i killed it tbh
twkmsurprised that ##windows-server can't describe (no faq?) how to slip in a driver for boot.
Nightcinderi really don't know
Nightcinderit just simply reports boot device inaccessible
Nightcinderthough it clearly knows my stuff's there
Nightcinder i've tried building the bcd
Nightcinder safe mode!
Nightcinderit's in safe mode
Nightcinderi don't evenu nderstand anymore
Nightcinderwindows installer not accessible in safe mode lol
twkmopen an sr. though it is a windows issue vmware will probably help.
GVDlikely not the first time a vmware client will need help with this
Nightcinderi'm so confused as to why i can boot in safe mode.
saqinaccessible boot device can be caused by a driver issue
saqget the pvscsi drivers an dinstall them
saqin safe mode
Nightcinderi did
Nightcinderand it didn't work
Nightcinderi just booted it
NightcinderGVD: saq jaelae I'm not sure why but it's booted in full windows under LSI SAS
Nightcindervmware tools is installing
GVDthat's what it's supposed to do ye
GVDas i understand it at least :s
Nightcinderit was giving me inaccessible
Nightcinderbut for some reason it's working now
saqprobably worth it to leave your boot volume as lsi sas and make a data volume thats pvscsi
Nightcinderfuture VM's will be veeam backup'd
Nightcinderthis was a test
jaelaevmware support can be pretty shitty
jaelaecreated a ticket on tuesday morning due to a massive outage caused by nsx. i was able to identify the problem and resolve it sort of but still dont know why it happened and if it will happen again. and after sending logs still no update
jaelaescary stuff
rawtazis there any "enterprise" support other than Veeam that is good? let me know.
nexexNightcinder: I had that happen last week
GVDjaelae: what happened?
jaelaeNSX Edge gateway - static routes are there but stopped workin
jaelaeso you try to reach a VM that is part of that edge gateway subnet and nope nothing works. tracert goes to obvliion
jaelaetried to redeploy the edge gateway and same issue. i deleted the gateway, rebuilt it new with a new name and gave it the same gateway IP info and viola
theacolyteyou shouldn't be using static routes anyway
jaelaeeverything works
theacolytethis is you being punished
GVDwhat the shit
jaelaeshouldnt happen though
GVDyou keep making me so scared of implementing NSX
GVDand i know it's just a matter of time before i have to implement it
jaelaeso theacolyte what i do is. i brought in a new "zone" our terminology for a new app deployment. and call it zone3. I create an NSX Edge with its own gateway IP, and the static route is pretty generic.
jaelaeso it uses our new subnet /16 in that zone
jaelaei mean i dunno how else you would do that
theacolyteAre you not using DLR?
theacolyteAlso make sure you have a route on both sides
bugs_and that there isn't a 10.0/8 route
theacolytemore specific will win
theacolyteassuming it's there
jaelaewe use DLR for our DR networks but thats it
jaelaethe interface for that network is on the nexus switches - i should figure out that outline design
jaelaemaybe theres something there misconfigured
theacolyteHard to tell from where I'm sitting. Assuming you have an ESG with an internal facing interface on that logical switch, and your VM's can ping it, and you have a route out (could be a 0/0 route, whatever) and a route in from your northbound network (sounds like pointing to an external interface on that ESG you should be good
GVDjaelae: how about your network guys? they don't have a clue either?
jaelaeour network guy is on vacation
GVDone? ouch
GVDbad timing
jaelaeGVD: boss pulled me off this to figure out an AV deployment issue
jaelaeguess its not a big deal
GVDeuhm, wouldn't that nsx issue have had huge impact for you?
GVDhow is AV deployment more important? :)
jaelaebeats me
ProAliasis it agentless av? using NSX Endpoint? :)
jaelaei mean sure our app/web servers are exposed
jaelaeit was agentless but i dumped it because of performance problems
jaelaebut dont worry its just us
jaelaewith nsx guest introspection
GVDjaelae> but dont worry its just us <-- lol why would that be?
GVDi'm starting testing with agentless deep security in a week or two. i'm sure it'll be great!!1!
jaelaeso we saw a performance issue that was measurable. i then uninstall the Trend VMs
jaelaeit was still there
jaelaei then removed guest introspection and the performance issueu vanished
jaelaeso it wasnt really a trend issue but rather GI that was the culprit
GVDyou're not using AppSense/Ivanti, are you?
jaelaewe use Ivanti formerly Shavlik
GVDyou know that Ivanti doesn't play nice with vsepflt?
GVDwe have a ticket open for that with both Ivanti & VMware.
ProAliaswe had an issue with gi performance in a specific version of vmware tools a while back. serious perfomance problems
jaelaewell we have ivanti as our deployment mechanism
jaelaebut theres no agent
GVDah, not as Appsense then
jaelaei guess thats appsense specific
GVDdon't think that'll affect you then
GVDvsepflt accepts the write action, but doesn't commit it until confirmed. appsense blocks the action until it can read what's going on, but vsepflt doesn't allow the concurrent read until the action is committed. so they both wait until a time out occurs and the commit follows.
GVDbasically, saving a word document takes 12-15 seconds if appsense and vsepflt are present on the system.
GVDeven with guest introspection disabled, but with the vsepflt driver installed through vmware tools.
jaelaeproblematic shit man
jaelaethats what you get for sticking your nose in a VMs business
GVDwell Appsense has to verify everything that executed, read or written. it's what it's meant for.
GVDtheoretically, it's VMware's vsepflt that's at fault imo, but both have reasons to do things their way.
GVDfrankly, i don't expect a solution, so we'll be rolling Deep Sec out only to servers, not clients. only clients (and citrix servers) have AppSense for us.
varesaI have a weird issue with vmware/veeam. Sometimes the quiesce,snapshot,continue operation on the veeam VM fails like this:
varesa08:08 - Task: Create virtual machine snapshot
varesa08:10 - Error message from esx2: VMware ESX cannot find the virtual disk "/vmfs/volumes/vsan:521be..."
varesa08:14 - Virtual machine on esx2 is powered off
rawtazvaresa: call veeam support? :)
varesalabbing on NFR license :-/
rawtazhmm :<
varesaalso I don't think a call to quiesce&snapshot a VM (which I assume is what veeam does) should kill a VM and make it unbootable
rawtazi dont know about where you are but here in sweden i could call the veeam office and talk to a presales tech guy. maybe you can too where you are
rawtazor are you already a reseller or something?
varesaI guess I could try them
varesasee if they tell me to call VMware support :P
varesa(Which I also don't have, VMUG license)
rawtazhaha yeah
rawtazi had a case once where they didnt, even though it was clearly a vmware issue. instead we figured it out, finally
varesanice, a company that wants to help and not blame others
rawtazhard to believe, but vSphere had somehow assigned the same ID to two VMs. so when veeam backed up one of them, it failed to mount the disk cuz it got the other VMs disk. and yes, i had not copied or cloned or anything like that - the two VMs were created completely separately of each other, there was absolutely no reason they should have had the same ID
rawtazyeah, i only had good experiences with the actual on-hand veeam support.
altabhi, VMWare Fusion doesn't detect the bootcamp partition
jaelaeGVD: vmware says our edge crashed because of an old UCS fnic driver