SynfulAckwhen you create a 4 link LACP in vSphere, is it problematic if on the switch those 4 ports are on spanning-tree portfast? I noticed when i flip on a vm i hadnt used in a while in a subnet&vlan thats not also been used it wont come up for minutes and usualy im not even sure how i manage to get it up but i think when i go to the switch and run on the vlan interface `state active` shortly after it comes?
SynfulAckIts a real bizare thing to me cause i wasnt even aware of such a command.
TandyUKhey guys, looking at doing a P2V migration of a customers existing serrver from another DC
TandyUKdoes anyone know how well vmware converter handles timeout/packet loss/connection drops
TandyUKthe source machine is ~500gb and will be coming off of ovh, in the past couple of days, my ssh sessions at least get cut off after 4-6 hours
TandyUKif the connection from vmware converter to our vcenter gets interrupted, does this get handled and reconnected, or does it just fail?
^sAsI've had a conversion going for two days straight
^sAssame site though
^sAssame subnet
TandyUKyeah on a stable connection, no problem at all
^sAsnever tried over wan
TandyUKsucky ovh cant be described as stable though lol
TandyUKwe've done similar migrations over wan before, but with a stable connection
rawtazTandyUK: if it's problematic, perhaps you could manually migrate it using the free veeam endpoint backup thingie (in case it's more resilient)
rawtazlike, back it up, then restore it to a new VM booted on the veeam restore media
TandyUKif its going to be problematic, i'll just build a new server, and rsync over the contents
TandyUKi just wondered if anyone knew how converter handles connection dropouts
rawtazyeah :)
jaelaetrend deep security AV deployment is much faster on esxi hosts verusus fat clients
rawtazperhaps due to faster resources?
jaelaewell that agetless host deployment is just so sweet
jaelaetoo bad guest introspection sucks
jaelaehad to move from agentless to agent and it is a sucky procedure
rawtazis trend AV good IYO?
jaelaeits pretty good
jaelaei have no issues with it
ProAliaspreparing the move from vshield to nsx endpoint so we can go 6.5/10
ProAliaslots of checks to go through :(
rawtazProAlias: what's the /10 in 6.5/10 ?
ProAliasTrend Deep Security 10
jaelaethats what i just ripped out
ProAliasthe vshield based agentless protection has been pretty painless. unless something's introduced with nsx endpoint I expect that to work fine too, but the process is a bit messy
ProAliasinstructions say to deactivate all vms and virtual appliances
jaelaeive hit some snags with activation/deactivation but nothing terrible
jaelaeguest introspection and how it behaves caused me some grief though so beware!
jaelaeive encountered GI VMs increase in logging significantly once Trend was introduced. And it ended up causing a service on GI to hang and constantly retstart. Which resulted to dropped packets
ProAliaswe had a bad vmware tools release that caused performance issues maybe a year ago, but other than that it's been good
ProAliasrolling back fixed it quickly enough
ProAliasbut the new nsx underpinning is an unknown variable here
JMAFOUis there a similar servive on vcsa 6.5 equivalent to invsvc(VMware Inventory Service) on 6.0?
JMAFOUhas the invsvc been deprecated in vcsa 6.5
mamaloshi everybody
mamalosI've setup a SmartOS VM in ESXi 5.5 and within it I've setup a zone VM. This generates a virtual NIC over the host's (which in our case is the SmartOS VM) interface.
mamalosthe VM's IP is in the same subnet as its host's and apart from pinging the host I'm unable to ping other machines on the same subnet (all are separate VMs on the same ESXi)
mamalosI'm suspecting that because the VM is generating a new MAC address that tries to communicate from the same ESXi interface, ESXi might be blocking it (version 5.5 free)
mamalosWhat is strange is that the hosts I'm trying to ping, do receive the ping echo request and do generate the ping echo reply
mamalosbut the VM inside the host SmartOS seems to not be able to receive the ping echo reply packets (however, I can see the MAC addresses from the IPs it tries to ping in its arp table)
mamalosany idea if ESXi in any way might get confused if a packet arriving in one of its virtual NICs destined to a different MAC address from the one that ESXi has assigned itself?
theacolyteon the security settings of the port group
theacolyteforged transmits
theacolyteand MAC address changes
theacolyteold but still applies
abeNd-orgDid HP pull their custom isos? Download HPE Custom Image for ESXi 6.5U1 Install CDThis download is no longer available. from
bomanabeNd-org: Presumably it's because of the SPP recall,
mamalostheacolyte: thanks! Unfortunately I don't have access to my ESXi at the moment, but it seems that this is my issue. I'll do what you proposed on Monday and hopefully it'll work!
abeNd-orgboman: thanks
abeNd-orgill just stick with regular 65u1 & put the hp offline bundle on there
dami0hi. I have a suse 9 machine that works fine (with a broken VMware tools install) which proceeds to stop booting with a kernel panic: not syncing: vfs when I install the proper VMware tools and drivers
dami0does anyone know specifically what would cause that or what a fix would be?
amriunixHi! i'm using VMware Worksation, and i make a lan segment for my virtual machine . So can i disable vswitch on LAN Segment and put it in share segment ?
amriunixI want all virtual machine to see traffic go through the LAN Segment ! for LAB purpose !
simondvdis there any issues temporially running vm guests off the esxi host os disk?
simondvdlooks like they used 270gb disks for the osdisk
simondvdtechnically speaking should be fine right?
rjp421im suddenly getting on an i7-975X which runs <=12.5.7 fine
rjp421Module 'CPUIDEarly' power on failed.
rjp421 @VMware Workstation Product manager : please publish the necessary vmx-file hacks that are required to run WS 14 on unsupported CPUs
rjp421When you install a 64-bit operating system, Workstation Pro performs checks to make sure the host system has a supported processor. You cannot install a 64-bit operating system if the host system does not meet the processor requirements.
rjp421then why did it install
JMAFOUis there any harm in changing the UUID of a VMDK? I tried to attached a vmdk from a restore to the original VM and I get duplicate VMDK UUID error
dami0nvm. remaking initial os image fixed all
twkmsimondvd: lacks whatever you have a nas for.
twkm[tOR]: better fix that.
Mr_Roboto1Hey can you roll back a 3PAR upgrade?
GVDMr_Roboto1: sounds like an HPE question, not a VMware one :)
crobertscan you install esxi on a cray?
Mr_Roboto1Does it have VT?
Mr_Roboto1There are some storage saavy people around here and #storage doesn't exactly get a fuck ton of traffic
nexexMr_Roboto1: support can, I don't think it is a self service option
GeoHi, when starting a VM, I get the error "Data error (cyclic redundancy check)
GeoAny suggestions on how to recover?
Geo(the error is presented by VMWare Workstation in a popup when I click the 'power on' button)
rjp421Geo, which version? also which os and version
Geo12.5.4 vm workstation, windows 7 host machine
rjp421Geo, google says which looks like a hdd issue, not the vm
Geoyeah, I read that, it is close but not quite the same... this is a fairly new drive, too
Geoanyway, I am running chkdsk now, we'll see what it comes back with
Geoah, done- "Windows has checked the file system and found no problems."
rjp421Geo, similar to this guys error popup?