charleywhat's good fam
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xtoreACTION is watching vmware converter deploy an image to an esxi 6.5 box. The windows 7 image has 40GB of actual data but the deployment on the esxi box is set to 300GB. The progress says "block level copying" is in progress at 5%. Considering that only 25% of the 300GB disk will have actual data does this mean a lot less than 95% of the job remains? ETA=1 day and 5 hours!
twanny796I am using VMware-Player-12.0.0-2985596.x86_64.bundle
twanny796and VMware-VIX-1.15.0-2985596.x86_64.bundle
twanny796The problem is that I don't have vmnet0.
twanny796which, to my comprehension, is used fro bridge?
twanny796on SLES 11
twanny796neotic: Hello
twanny796so many probs with vmware it fills my *day*!
twanny796Cannot get vmware running with Remote Desktop!
hateballVMware is a company, so
zambais it possible to migrate a vm network from one vds to another?
neoticwell, do you mean a portgroup or a VM?
ychaoucheHello #vmware
ychaoucheI have added new NICs to my vsphere ESXi v 6.5 but I don't where they are ?
ychaoucheI wonder if they were even detected.
ychaoucheI can find them via lspci
ychaouchebut they won't show up in the UI
Oliberychaouche: are they supported?
ychaouchethey're dlinks
ychaouchelspci sees them, but not esxcfg-nics
Oliberthere are no dlink nics on the HCL
ychaouchethanks Oliber
kritterI am getting audio lag from a Windows 7 VM, but ONLY with headphones...
kritter(A headset)
kritterPlaying via speakers works fine
pmeadowI'm using a cluster of broadwell cpu'd blades in our environment, running esxi 6.5 on each blade with updates. I'm curious whether cluster on die snoop mode would be beneficial to use for an environment consisting of a ton of non-numa vms
kritterI am getting audio lag from a Windows 7 VM, but ONLY with headphones...
MrPocketsWell hello!
qg_How do I change the root password to never expire in vcenter?
qg_nvm figured it out
theacolytethanks for playing
al3xpreyhello, I have a problem with VMWare horizon and view connection servers. can anybody help me? I'm trying to add two servers to a cloud pod architevture, but when I log in to each one of the servers via web, they are seen both as the first one
al3xpreyfor instance, i have serverA and serverB, when I login to serverA it says it's the local server (serverA) when I login to serverB it says it's the local server (serverA)
al3xpreyI have a domain controller set up and I use the same username for both
pmeadowfound the answer I was looking for in Frank Denneman's Host Deep Dive. as most of our VMs are less than 8 cores in two die, 16 core per die systems in the environment, choosing Cluster on Die is advantageous as it will cause vmware to place virtual machines on the fastest memory controller to them versus the potential of a vm having it's memory on
pmeadowthe other memory controller on the die
johnjohn101hi people. i have some vmware 12 vms and playing them in vmware 14. is there a away to covert them to vm14 vms?
Windyguys, svMotion between shared storage on a Fiber Channel SAN - will this hit the network or be confined to storage network?
Windyand more importantly, anyone know any authoritative source ? our vmware admin is adamant that svmotion will cause network traffic
pmeadowpretty sure it depends on how you have your vmkernel NICs set up. if you have vmotion on the same network as your storage, then it will
Windyfiber channel is totally seperate from VMkernel NICs
jaelaeok im no longer useless. feeling a bit better
jaelaeanyone use CIFS datastores?
thework1nfs yes cifs no
jaelaekinda same thing isnt it? just nfs is linux standard and cifs is windows?
pmeadowtotally different
jaelaewell in any case going to add two nics to setup cifs shares from some new storage to keep it separated
neoticjaelae: cifs datastores? what?
neoticesxi doesn't support cifs
jaelaeits an attribute in new-datastore you can specify cifs
neoticpmeadow: if you're doing svmotion between LUNs on the same array, it won't touch the network
pmeadowthat was what I was thinking, but Windy wanted a source and I couldn't find one
neoticoh sorry, that was for Windy
neoticWindy: vaai -> xcopy/clone blocks
neoticsvmotion between luns on the same array has never used networking
Windywhat about LUNS on the same FC fabric but different arrays?
neoticthe data mover has been in the vmkernel since svmotion in 3.0
neoticWindy: if the host has access to both arrays, nothing will touch the network
Windymy understanding as well :)
neotictell your admin to read documentation
Windywhen we svmotion a VM it does appear to briefly lose network connectivity - he believes this is proof. i'm not sure why that's happening but i think it's a separate issue
Windybut i'm not the vmware admin either so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
neoticsvmotion or vmotion?
Windysame host, same array, different LUN
Windywatching a continuuous ping there's a few that have higher latency, a couple time outs, then it resumes just fine
neoticslow array/busy VM?
Windyit's not the latter, but honestly i can't speak to how the array or the FC is configured.
neotici've never seen a VM lose connectivity during storage vmotion
neoticsure if you do storage+compute at the same time
vandyHi, just wondering if someone could answer a quick question. Is it possible to disable TLS 1.0 in ESXi 6.0 U3 in a non-vSphere environment?
vandySeems like the reconfigurator utility must be ran when vSphere is installed, but I have standalone free ESXi servers.