vandyAnyone? Anyone? Bueller.
jaelaei got no answer for you vandy
vandyThanks anyway!
crobertswith vrealize can you still do templates and have users do provisining without the iaas option?
crobertsor how limited is vra without iaas installed
GVDcroberts: vrealize is a suite of products. i presume you mean vRealize Automation?
GVDThere's also stuff like vRealize Operations Management, vRealize Log Insight, etc, so it's probably important to be specific with defining what you're talking about.
crobertsGVD: sorry yeah I meant vRealize Automation
TheRabbitDoes any part of vRealize suite handle Windows patching?
GVDNot that I know of, though you can obviously launch the necessary commands to patch a machine through it.
GVDWe use Altiris for windows patching. (symantec management agents)
GVDBut I don't use vRealize Automation, so I might not be up to speed on what it does.
MrPocketsIs it safe to assume that if a Storage Array quote references a NIC with 4 10gb SFP ports
MrPocketsthat its really SFP+ ?
bugs_mr. pockets i don't think it is safe. you may be buying a card that doesn't
bugs_have sfp's in it - i.e., empty slots
GVDthat said, SFP is unable to provide 10GbE
GVDso it needs to be SFP+ to be 10GbE (or potentially XFP or QSFP)
GVDeither way, you'll need to ask clarification for the correct specs, and to know if the slots are populated or not
backtrack_with vmware player can i create a linux virtual machine?
backtrack_or i need to buy some other components?
GVDyou mean VMware Workstation Player? or some previous Player version?
GVDEither way, yes, sure, you can create new VMs and install Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat, SUSE, Oracle Linux, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, Mint, CentOS)
GVDwith the "player", rather than the "pro", you can only run one VM at a time, you can't clone it, and can't create any snapshots
genecMrPockets: even if it's empty SFP+, verify with the vendor what transceivers are compatible. Intel NICs are notorious for refusing most stuff but our NetApps were fine with our HPE/Aruba DACs
GVDyou mean copper SFP+ (base-T) or fiber ones?
MrPocketsGuy is saying the damn HPE doens't support direct connection.
GVDyou mean using a DAC?
GVDthere's a lot of products out there that don't support DACs sadly.
theacolytetwinax should just work (tm)
MrPocketsSeems dumb.
theacolyteI haven't run into a product that doesn't support twinax as long as it's an SFP+ port... with one exception
MrPockets3 hosts, 2 port SFP+ cards each. 1 HPE, with a 4port card in each port.
theacolyteFor a while (maybe still) there are what are called "active twinax"
theacolytefor >5M lenghts
MrPocketsIngram Micro is saying it's only supported if it goes through a switch, but that'd add a good $10g to the project.
theacolyteThose have been hit or miss
MrPocketsthe HPE?
theacolyteDoesn't make any sense at all that you couldn't direct connect it
MrPocketsyeah, so i'm trying to decide if I wanna just do it anyway, because how the hell will support know?
MrPocketswould you say it's really necessary to have NIC recundancy in your hosts?
Windydepends, do you like reliability?
aTypicalReliability is totally overrated.
genecMrPockets: what HPE product/device??
MrPocketsHPE MSA 2052
genecMrPockets: ready to throw a host out the door?
genecMrPockets: not building link redundancy to your storage seems a might silly. what if some monkey taps the cable and it looses link?
MrPocketsgenec, we'll have link redundancy
MrPocketsjust wondering if I should go two, 2 port SFP cards, and run a cable to each SP to each NIC
MrPocketsor a single 2 port NIC
MrPocketsthe former providing availability only in the event that the NIC itself blows up. But during the time tihs conversation has taken place, I've decided upon dual NICs ;-)
genecMrPockets: but how many SFP+ ports will your storage have? will the storage device just hand data over when your host is talking to SP-1 instead of SP-2?
MrPocketsthe storage has a 4port NIC in each SP.
MrPocketsso each host will have one port of each NIC cabled to one port in each SP.
genecMrPockets: so iSCSI?
genecMrPockets: IOW, let's say a particular iSCSI LUN is under the control of SP-2 and host-3 looses connection to SP-2. will SP-1 hand the data over to host-3 or will it send an iSCSI redirect/reattach (can't recall the term) to host-3, making host-3 effectively lose the LUN?
MrPocketsI see.
bsworkmigrating vcenter could I temporarily use the same license on both new and old (current production) ?
bugs_usually a new install would have a 60 day grace period
bugs_so you could migrate and switch the license when done
genecMrPockets: yes, there's functional then there's supported. but your scheme might not even be functional
bsworkmay exceed 60 day grace.. may need 90 days
genecMrPockets: more importantly, are you prepared to hold the entire broken basket when things break and support refuses to help you? would such an event qualify as an RGE (resume-generating event)?
bugs_no thoughts - why do you think you would need more time ?
bsworkbugs_: can't migrate from old blades until we get new storage
bsworkmay take more like 6 months realistically
genecbswork: are you migrating vCenter or vSphere host licenses?
genecbswork: why are you migrating to a new vCenter? isn't it already a VM that you can merely vMotion?
bsworkyes to a new vcenter
qbrixhe's asking why a new vecenter
qbrixplease answer
bsworkcurrent vcenter is 6.0 and new hosts are 6.5
genecbswork: that's half an answer
bsworkold hardware cant go to 6.5
bsworkwe dont need a new vcenter per say
genecbswork: you've presented no reason you can't upgrade vCenter to 6.5
bsworkIt is a vm vcenter appliance
genecbswork: host licensing will probably be dead easy. you should be freeing up those host licenses from old hosts well before the trial period on the new hosts end. stand up cluster-2, move VMs from cluster-1, power off cluster-1, license cluster-2
genecbswork: alternatively, is there any reason you can't build a new vCenter then pull all old hosts into it?
bsworkgenec: host lic I'm good on it vcenter is the issue
bsworkonly have one license
MrPocketshey genec.
genecbswork: correct. now, why can't you upgrade your existing vCenter OR import existing hosts to a new vCenter? you have not presented a reason to have 2 vCenters
bsworkgenec: old blades only have fiber channel to storage... I could create iscsi on storage and connect new vmware hosts
bsworkthis is the issue with needing two vcenter's
genecbswork: so? they're just different clusters
genecbswork: how many thousand hosts do you have?
bsworkhaha.. not thousand's
bsworksmall environment
bswork10-15 hosts
genecbswork: just use the datacenter/cluster design
genecbswork: there's 0 need to have 2 vCenters running more than a week
bsworkonce an iscsi connection is created on the old storage I agree
genecbswork: cluster-1 is the old hosts on FC storage. Cluster-2 is new hosts on IP storage. done. no issue there
genecbswork: uh, no
genecbswork: SEPARATE clusters
genecbswork: how many clusters have you built in your existing vCenter?
genecbswork: and what's the difference between the clusters?
bsworknew hardware and old hardware
jaelaei have 1 vcenter with all types of hardware
jaelae16 nodes per cluster with 8 clusters
bsworkcluster-1(production) fiber channel only going to storage
bsworkcluster-2(new) iscsi to new storage only
genecbswork: there's no issue there.
genecbswork: so are you building cluster-3 now that'll have v6.5 host on new storage that's yet-to-be-delivered?
bsworkno cluster-2 is the new environment on 6.5
genecbswork: ok. I don't see ANYTHING that prevents you from merely upgrading your existing vCenter to 6.5, adding the new hosts, then svMotion as storage arrives...
bsworkwe could use the old storage until new storage arrives if we create iscsi
genecbswork: you are not making sense
Vaevictushmm... i'm still running 6.0u2 ... is there any way to upload to a datastore
Vaevictusnone of my browsers will use the client integration plugin
Vaevictushmm... opera maybE?
genecbswork: cluster-1 is compose of say 12 hosts, each with FC cards to a shared FC array. cluster-2 is composed of another 12 hosts. they don't have their storage yet but will go IP to iSCSI storage. there's 0 reason this can't live in 1 vCenter.
genecbswork: once your IP storage array(s) arrive, attach. then you can do svMotions of running hot VMs in lesser production hours to the new hosts/storage
genecbswork: there should be no reason for you to need to exceed any of the trial periods here
MrPocketsMan, going up to 10Gbe seems to be, difficult.
genecMrPockets: explain?
MrPocketsThree hosts, two connections each, two SPs, two connections each. I need two switches each with 5 or more SFP+ ports then,
MrPocketsMost Cisco switches I'm familiar with have max of 4 SFP+ ports.
Vaevictus4500x ?
VaevictusACTION has a couple 4500x's
MrPocketsVaevictus, I'm working with small and medium sized businesses.
MrPocketsthe 4500x is like 8-10g which is like 40% of the SAN's price.
genecMrPockets: does it have to be Cisco? will the switch system be dedicated to just storage?
Vaevictusif you need 10g you need 10g
MrPocketsPrimary concern is the 10Gb storage, but I could work just storage or storege + vmotion etc into the design for these two switches.
MrPocketsThe Cisco SG300-10SFP looks like it'd fit the bill, but it feels a bit foolish drafting this nice 10GBe design then recommending a cisco small business switch.
Vaevictusso, like, 10g for a bladecenter ??
genecMrPockets: I've built systems with other vendors for less
MrPocketsyeah, doesn't have to be Cisco at all.
MrPocketsI like cisco and prefer it from a configuration familiarity standpoint, but its becoming more difficult to justify its cost premium.
crobertswith vrealize automation can you still do templates and have users do provisining without the iaas option, or how limited is it without the iaas piece?
genecMrPockets: HPE/Aruba JL095A: 2 modules of 8SFP+ each. toss in 2 PSUs and another manager :D
MrPocketsWould you still go with two then? or is redundancy over modules enough?
MrPocketsAlso, am I overthinking this? is 10Gb really, possibly, overkill?
genecMrPockets: THAT is precisely why we moved from Cisco. The quality of the gear is excellent but the cost (both one-time and recurring) along with paying for unused features made us move
Vaevictusyes, what are they running now?
Vaevictusthey probably don't need 10g
MrPocketsThree Dell R530s with 1Gbe iSCSI and a single VNXe 3100
Vaevictusare they using iSCSI or something?
MrPocketsiSCSI, yes.
Vaevictusthat's unfortunate
MrPocketsAs opposed to?
Vaevictuspoint to point
MrPocketsIsn't the cost of FCoE significantly more expensive?
Vaevictuswhy oE?
MrPocketsoh idk.
MrPocketsgotta ELI-5 this thing to me brother.
Vaevictusassuming the 3 servers are racked with the SAN, i'm just wondering how much it'd be to compare 10g E iSCSI vs FC. including performance.
MrPocketsah. I see.
Vaevictusi just upgraded my whole everything in the past year. new blade chassis, new 4500x's, new Unity
Vaevictusfiber in the rack to connect up the blades to unity
MrPocketsSo is that still iSCSI?
MrPocketsJust over fiber as opposed to copper?
Vaevictuswe don't use iscsi at all
MrPocketsWhats the protocol?
Vaevictusuhm... ...
MrPocketslike, is that what is considered Fibre Channel?
MrPocketsor is there a cardboard fischer price book I can read on this siht?
Vaevictusthey just look like fc drives to my hosts
Vaevictusmaybe we did it wrong, maybe we overpaid, maybe maybe maybe. I'm happy with my performance and reliability
Vaevictusas i understand it, iscsi would be slower and would waste switch resources :D
MrPocketsI'd much rather err on the side of caution and over spec something, within reason, than say "ehhh you can probably get away with this, lets do it becuase its 5k cheaper"
MrPocketsWhat device're you using for storage?
Vaevictusare the 3x R530s esxi?
Vaevictusa unity
MrPocketsyeah, ESXi 6.0
Vaevictusbasically the same as VNX but not as old
MrPocketsI'm considering a quote from them too
MrPocketswhy Unity and not Nibmle?
Vaevictusbecause we got tons of years and reliability and service out of our CRX
Vaevictus(we skipped vnx)
MrPocketsyeah I may pursue a quote from them.
Vaevictusultimately, we considered several options, and vendor changes, (like cisco ucs) but the ultimate answer was "it'd save us about 5-8k, but we'd have to change vendors on about everything, including rebuying all the blades"
Vaevictusafter the blade cost was included, we were only saving like 2-3k$
efsnablehi anyone's using a 3rd party DRaaS provider ?
Vaevictusefsnable: we're paying for one that's not set up yet
Vaevictusdoes that count?
Vaevictusanyone know if there's a browser that'll run the vmware client so i can upload an iso to my datastore? or is there another upload option?
efsnablewhich vendor did you choose and why
Vaevictussuggested by our cisco technical vendor, and they're one of a very few options where local bandwidth to their datacenter could be fast
Vaevictusbut basically, we can get over 1G pipe to them for soo cheap it's rediculous
genecVaevictus: considered the thick client?
Vaevictushmm... thick client. ... duh
genecVaevictus: OR for the stupid option, ssh?
Vaevictuswhat, sftp? scp ?
Vaevictusyou can do that?
Vaevictusthat'd be easier than tracking down the thick client
efsnableVaevictus - what draas solution did you end up choosing ?
Vaevictusefsnable: a company called Involta
Vaevictus(also, BaaS and IaaS)
Vaevictushmm... what's the thick client called?
Vaevictusoh nm, looks like i have one installed that works
MrPocketsWhats the general feeling on HyperConverged shit for smb?
VaevictusHyperConverged = Hypetrain? :D
genecVaevictus: SCP works but I wouldn't expect it to be fast :D
Vaevictusi got it squared, thanks
MrPocketslike the Dell EMC XC
thework1MrPockets: I've supported and have freinds that work for hyperconverged solution providers ... it makes sense to me
MrPocketsidk waht it looks like, cost comparison wise
MrPocketsbut yea, seems to make sense to build some shit all into one, with the necessary redundancy and whatnot included
thework1depends on the solution, kvm+ceph technically you could do for just the hardware, Nutanix or Simplivity are more packaged all in one deals
thework1or vxrail or netapp's hci or ...
thework1for smb i'd say go nutanix, bigger environments go to one of the big boys for their solution
thework1still going to be $$$
TheRabbitI'd say make sure it will work for you