xoritorOk, I am about to do _another_ eval and see if i can actually get vsphere to use my connectx-2 cards
xoritordoes anyone have any good resources for getting them to work?
xoritoryes, they are old... but they work for what i need
neoticconnectx-2 is supported on 6.5U1
neoticeven with native drivers
xoritorneotic, i have tried 2 different times, and i can not get them to work
neoticxoritor: https://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/search.php?deviceCategory=io&details=1&keyword=connectx-2&page=1&display_interval=10&sortColumn=Partner&sortOrder=Asc
xoritorInfiniBand: Mellanox Technologies MT26428 [ConnectX VPI PCIe 2.0 5GT/s - IB QDR / 10GigE] (rev b0)
neoticcheck the vid/did/svid
neoticto see if it's supported
xoritoryea its listed right there
neoticso if you're on firmware 2.36.5000 you can use driver 2.32.5100 which is native in 6.5U1
neoticerr, read the wrong column
xoritorFirmware version: 2.9.1000
neoticfirmware 2.32.5100/2.36.500 can use the inbox driver just fine
neoticthat firmware doesn't have any supported driver combinations with vmware
neoticcheck with mellanox
xoritorso i may have to downgrade the firmware
xoritorknowlegdge base support only for eval products... just got off the phone with a tech support rep "fabian" and was told they only offer knowledge base support on eval products
xoritorneotic, thanks for they help... but vmware will not get my money, or business
genecsure looks like xoritor needs to UPgrade to 2.32.5100 but perhaps I'm mistaken?
xoritori want to apologize for my rant/outburst
xoritori am just mad that i can not find what i need and they will not help me
xoritorit just seems vmware does not want my money, or anything
TheRabbitxoritor, and what license would you be buying if you purchased one?
xoritorthe essentials+ maybe more
twkmsome partners might do it for that.
TheRabbityea, it doesn't care
xoritorit would not kill one of their support reps to just tell me where to get the firmware they use for this same card... i can not find it ANYWHERE
genecxoritor: Looks like an upgrade is in order. 32 > 9 => 2.32.5100 > 2.9.1000
xoritorgenec, yea, i cant find it
genecxoritor: call Mellanox support for the firmware
TheRabbitI feel like VMware has given up SMB market and is like "Have it Microsoft"
xoritori feel the same way
genecxoritor: or probe one of the other packagers like HP or IBM (ie, their support site) for the firmware
xoritori have 5 single socket nodes, but the license is for 3 dual socket... no you cant do 5 singles with that license... you have to buy for 6 dual socket nodes $10k
xoritormy cards evidently (as per part number) are hp cards
xoritorwe have had them so long i dont remember where we got them
xoritorand hp does not seem to have that firmware
genecxoritor: yes, ESS(+) is specifically 3 servers with no more than 2 sockets populated each
genecxoritor: HPE IME has been a pain to grab firmware from
xoritorgenec, no more, but no less either
genecxoritor: less? yes
xoritorbut they SAY the license is for x sockets... they add the nodes in after
genecxoritor: you can run ESS(+) on 3 single socket servers
genecxoritor: w/rt the larger licenses like standard, you buy them by the CPU socket. you can buy 5 sockets
twkmyou can pay for ess(+) and use only on host that has 1 socket, license isn't going to prevent it from working.
xoritorno, but it is not a cost effective way for smb to do it
twkmduh. it's a package.
twkmand a discounted one at that.
genecxoritor: w/rt ESS(+), I've heard it said that the dual socket bit is not a technological limit but just legaleaze
twkmyou can get 5 sockets of licenses, but they've no package for that.
genecxoritor: but why do you have 5 single-socket hosts? why not dual sockets? what CPU are they?
xoritorgenec, because we dont have huge needs for cpu cycles
genecbut why 5 hosts instead of 2-3?
xoritorxeon e5-2620 v3
twkmusually an acceleration kit could be used that way as well.
xoritor5 > 3 when it comes to failover
xoritori can do 3 but then i am not using 2 systems at all
xoritorwhy have 2 systems dormant
twkmsheesh, never mind.
xtuhHi, i want to get VDS to install esxi on it, the datacenter gives 1 port with 2 ip's on it. will it be possible to use one as management and the other is as vms network? is there some problems with 2 ips on 1 port?
xtuhok, nevermind
xoritorok... so i have called HP, Mellanox, etc... there is no firmware version later than 2.9.1530 for the connectx-2 MT26428 cards
xoritorit does not exist
xoritorthat is listing 2.30.x minimum
xoritorthat is a connectx-3 firmware
xoritorit does not work with connectx-2
xoritornotice all of the firmware numbers for the connectx-2 support page have a 2.3x.y number just as the ones listed for the releases of the connectx-3 release notes
xoritori also found this for a way to hack it to work https://forums.servethehome.com/index.php?threads/connectx-2-mhqh29c-xtr-and-esxi-6-5.15614/
xoritorjust pointing out the information on the vmware compatibility page is wrong
xoritorhope this helps for someone in the future
twkmmight, if you purchase and open an sr about the info, else odds are low anyone will remember + be active for the next person wanting to use old stuff.
xoritorI am telling the sales rep what i found
xoritorI am not willing to purchase something with such a horrible feeling of support. There may be world class support and happiness on the other side of a sale, but I feel ridiculed, marginalized, and trivialized right now.