zambai'm running the OEM VMware ESXi image.. is it possible to upgrade to the vendor-specific image?
zambai can't do this through update manager, but can i do it by booting the iso for the vendor image?
twkmone can reinstall the host without touching the datastores.
zambatwkm: do i need to then reconfigure everything or will settings be kept?
neoticzamba: you can upgrade from 6.0 to 6.5 using vum with vendor images
zambaneotic: but i'm not running vendor image already?
zambaneotic: will it still work?
SAngeliHi, I just wish to have an expert openion on the choiche/purchase of a desktop virtualization on Mac OS. Can I please ash here for a suggestion?
SAngeliTo run Windows 10 x64 locally on the Mac would it be more than sufficient to purchase Fusion 10? I am trying to understand what benefits will i gain from the "Pro" version considering that this will be an isolated install (no vShpere).
SAngeliThe only feature I see useful in Pro is "cloning" but I learned to just make a full copy of the entire VM and this always worked for me. Is it correct that besides Cloning feature I can do this way too? I know it works but wish to understand why Cloning feature should be better than how I do
twkmiirc pro also has encryption, allows commercial use, has the virtual network editor, can connect to esxi or vcenter, ... probably more but that's all i think i remember.
twkmalso, just copying a folder isn't exactly a full clone but close enough, but it isn't anywhere near a linked clone nor can it be.
twkmahh, there we go ... <https://www.vmware.com/products/fusion.html#compare>
neoticzamba: no, reinstall.
SAngelihi twkm thank you for your reply. The use of this Fusion purchase is strictly for personal use. Also, I am not interested in encryption or esxi or vcenter. Simply just be able to have windows 10 running on the Mac.
SAngelihaving said this would you agree that perhaps the regular Fusion 10 (not the pro) would be sufficinet?
twkmprobably, but i would find it restrictive, no quick linked clone to test something without changing the known working vm but that's because i'm used to linked clones but if the disks were fast enough (or i became more zen-like) then copying the vm folder might suffice.
twkmand i like the virtual network editor, but i play with networks where you may not care.
SAngelilastly, can you please explain why my methond of cloning a VM is not the best idea method?
twkmit is just fine, but say the vm has 100g, how long does that take to copy? a linked clone can be made in seconds.
SAngeliI see
SAngelithank you for now.
SAngeliwish you a lovely day...
SAngeliah, one last question
twkmokie dokie.
dimmhello, All! what this say to me? https://pastebin.com/XqUZMEcd
jaelaehas predictive DRS improved significantly in 6.5?
bomanIsn't PDRS a new feature in 6.5?
genecdoes jaelae perhaps mean to compare 6.5 GA versus current 6.5?
jaelaei should say is it good in 6.5 :)
jaelaei use turbonomic is 6.0 for it
jaelaebut its so buggy (the rest of the product) i would hope it can be replaced
jaelaeim just trying to figure out how to upgrade to it
jaelaeto 6.5
sinkhole0Are CPUs emulated or passed through or something else?
genecsinkhole0: passed through with some layering. emulation is dead slow
sinkhole0where does CPU related code reside in hypervisor?
sinkhole0Say ESXi
sinkhole0I'm guessing it's across multiple components.
genecsinkhole0: I'm not sure I understand the question since all code is CPU (except maybe select components in select drivers)
sinkhole0You said that CPU is passed through with some layering, so there has to be some code to have that
sinkhole0where all does the code parts reside? VMM/VMX/VMkernel/a few of the above and more?
genecsinkhole0: the layering is actually in the CPU but controlled by the code
sinkhole0And where does that code go to?
genecsinkhole0: what's the underlying/real question/goal/issue?
sinkhole0I'm trying to understand at what layer vmware hypervisor deals with a CPU, kernel or userland
jaelaeanyone know if you need the vcenter embedded DB password to perform a migration from windows server to appliance?
jaelaeim sure mid-upgrade ill find out :)
genecsinkhole0: the VMware ESXi Hypervisor deals with all of that. kernel to control device access and processes. processes to run vCPUs and manipulate the physical CPU's operation
jaelaei need advice. i have to migrate a vcenter from one cluster to another which has to be done offline which kinda cripples a lot of my ability to move it to another cluster. i was going to do this after i migrate to 6.5 so do i: A) storage vmotion to a shared datastore, shut it down, then bring it online from the ESXi host itself in the cluster i want it on? or B) create a second vCenter in HA once on 6.5?
`ajvenHello guys, got question about workstation. Lets say i got i7-8700k cpu (6 cores,12 threads) and I will make 24 virtual machine for to each will I will assign 1 core, its gonna work ?
ProAlias"it depends"
ProAliasthey'll boot :)
ProAliasif that's enough to qualify as working
genec`ajven: vCPU to pCore oversubscription is the key to allow many low-use vCPUs to be aggregated. you also don't assign cores, you assign vCPUs (vCPU = vSocket * vCorePerSocket)
`ajvengenec: thank you for explain in clear way :) so if there will be enugh CPU power the vCPU's will work ? :)
genec`ajven: "depends"
genec`ajven: what will these VMs be doing?
ProAliasif you have any sort of actual workload in a number of those vm's, you probably won't have good performance
ProAliasso it depends on workload and expectations
`ajvenits networking lab, so cpu usage will not be much, just two of them will run full windows + 1 application and one macos with gui
genec`ajven: nogo
genec`ajven: unless that physical host is an Apple Mac, Mac OS/X will NOT run
`ajvengenec: in my country if I am the owner of software i can install it where I want to
genec`ajven: yes, please blame the OS/X EULA
`ajvenmy country law is above EULA
`ajvennope, poland :(
genec`ajven: hey, VMware Workstation was written to help your OS/X EULA
ProAliasajven: it'll run like supercrap on one vcpu tho
`ajvenProAlias: its working quite well actualy, I got one running up now
ProAliasthen we're back to expectations
`ajvenLike i said before, most of vm's will be only network labs + 2 real OS working :)
`ajveni hope it can handle around 20 machines
ProAliasone vcpu is still one vcpu
ProAliasbut if you're happy with it, goodie
`ajvenyes but for macos i can assign lets say 4 of them
`ajvengot got 2 cpu 2 threads used and its working pretty well
genec`ajven: it might. I seem to recall someone running ~1000 1-vCPU VMs on a single host about 5-10 years ago but they were ultra low use
genec`ajven: HT doesn't invent a new core
neoticso +24 vCPU on 6 pCore. On a desktop os, on desktop hardware.
neoticwell. enjoy.
`ajvenwell i7-8700k isnt so bad even as "desktop hardware" because it beats some xeons :)
neoticstill 6 cores.
`ajvenactualy a lot of them :D
genec`ajven: some Xeons are designed to be mid/high desktop/workstations with ECC :p
`ajvenreally ? xeons for desktops ? well never saw
genec`ajven: they're called WORKSTATIONS
neoticvirtualization usually benefits from pCores more than frequency, except VDI.
ProAliasanyways, it'll work
ProAliasjust keep your expectations low
`ajvenye thank you, because i was fighting in mind between TR1900x and i7-8700k so now im sure its gonna work
genec`ajven: true workstations are basically servers on your desk with beefy graphics cards
neoticajven: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/campaigns/workstations-z8/index.html <- proper workstation.
ProAliasgot a nice HP Z820 at work
ProAliaslovely thing
neotichmm, did that link work?
jaelaemy work computer is so useless
`ajvenwoot nice
neoticajvens nick is forcing blowfish :(
jaelaeits so bad
jaelaethe computer is good but i cant do work from it
genec`ajven: it's been over 5 years since I considered ordering a server with only 6 cores per socket
jaelaei have to connect into a jump server to do all my work. and all through a chrome web browser tab
neoticjaelae: didn't you use to work some place nice?
ProAliasthe most impressive thing about my Z820 is how silent it is considering what's inside it
`ajvengenec: how about gaming on that workstations ;D I know its stupid but I buying computer not only for work
jaelaei love my job
jaelaebut we ripped out the vpn
jaelaeso now i rdp with a web browser using soha
genec`ajven: varies
jaelaeso all my work is in a single web rbwoser window. i cannot alt-tab or anything
neoticjaelae: just set up teamviewer somewhere ;)
jaelaei have to click in everything
jaelaeyea right
jaelaeits more having to relearn habits
`ajvenfor price over 3 times more this HP Z8 got 16 cores :P only twice more ! not worth !
neoticyou can do a 28 core xeon in it.
neoticand it has two sockets.
neoticso 56 real cores.
`ajvenit gonna count mines in spaer quite fast
genec`ajven: as I said, a server in a desktop-ish case with graphics cards
deforis it possible to hide/remove withdrawn patches from update manager?
deforkb 52205 was withdrawn, but all my hosts are complaining that they need it- I can't download it either to resolve... I assume there's got to be some way to purge the update database?
neoticdefor: create a new baseline and de-select it
deforgotcha- giving it a shot- thanks!