jaelaesomeone added data to my embedded vcenter db
brandonx6I'm using ESXi 6.0 on an HP DL380 G7 with my vm datastore running from iSCSI on a seperate server (FreeNAS) and today I accidentally forgot to power down my vm's before updating/restarting my FreeNAS server, and now my iscsi datastore is not working, it's connected but it's incredibly laggy whenever i try to rescan HBA or do anything with it, VM's
brandonx6aren't showing up either
seihesi'm using windows 10 as a host and fedora 27 as a guest with multiple monitors. when i use two monitors on the guest, the mouse position is offset. is there any way to reset it?
developer1hello guys
developer1is anybody from Barcelona_
developer1sorry i lost the connection
developer1any body from barcelona?
GVDasfals23: there's 415 people here. this is a worldwide channel. statistically, chances aren't that good. ;)
asfals23 /GVD so are you from Barcelona?
asfals23 /query GVD so are you from Barcelona?
asfals23sorry new here
neotiche's not from barcelona
neoticme neither.
GVDi'm from barcelona for one week per year, when it's VMWorld EU ;)
jaelaewoot woot
jaelaeonly people from Barcelona would understand his plight
jaelaeso some weird tables in my vCenter DB
jaelaeconsultant put his name into the tables
GVDattempting to create a lasting legacy? :P
jaelae1 [42000](50000) [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]ERROR ! Extra indexes: VPX_LIC_USAGE.mrdenny_SAMPLE_TIMESTAMP;
GVDmrdenny no less?
GVDIf I search linkedin for Mr Denny, will I find him? :p
jaelaehe is pretty good actually
jaelaebust not sure why he did that like what it's purpose is
GVDweird :)
neoticjaelae: LOOOOL
jaelaei renamed it and problem solved
jaelaewas just happy nothing else had that
jaelaeoh dear lord
jaelaei love vmware sometimes
jaelaethe migration from 6 .0 to 6.5 (Windows to Appliance) let's you select the cluster for the new vm
jaelaeand network. so i am going to be able to move the VM
neoticyeah, it's quite nice
neotici'm actually doing the same for a customer right now
neoticmigrating to external PSC HA and migrate windows vcenter 6.0 to 6.5
jaelaeyea i have a prod cluster and a management cluster in this example. but vCenter windows sits on prod. waste of prod resources so i want to move it to management
jaelaeseems this will do that. same network available on both but different VDS of course
jaelaei still haven't found a reason to use external PSC
neoticsrm, vra, nsx
neoticenhanced linked mode
jaelaeright but in my situation :) so ive looked into it. we have 2 sites with nsx setup separately
jaelaevRA Automation connects to both vcenters separate to provision
neoticperformance is also better with external
neoticlike inventory searches etc
jaelaehow many vms do they have
jaelaein this one smaller environment i have one vcenter with 1180 VMs and another vCenter with 850 VMs
jaelaebut inventory is quick
neoticso goal is psc ha with vcenter ha
jaelaebut zero HA in place. the only thing im looking at doing is sharing content libraries between them
jaelaeis it the same vCenter in their case. or at least thats the goal
jaelaemultiple sites with HA vCenter in both locations
neoticno, stretched ha
neoticmultiple physical dc
neoticcross vmotion in web client requires external psc as well iirc
neoticcross vcenter*
jaelaeyea that use case is good. we do not want our vms to exist in both locations. like theres no need for cross vmotion in this case
jaelaethe DR part of that is nice though
jaelaeright now i have NSX designed so routes can be reconfigured in the event of a disaster and VMs can be restored to offline hosts in both datacenters
jaelaeany downsides to going way past 16 nodes ina cluster and heading towards the max 64?
neoticwith 6.5? no
neoticunless you go into max paths
jaelaeso 1024 max paths
jaelaeso if each datastore has 4 paths you could only have 256 max datastores
jaelaei think i have to look at auto deploy
jaelaemight make more sense in my environment
zambai started a remediation of an esxi host to upgrade to 6.0.. this was half an hour ago.. is there a way i can monitor its progress?
zambabesides the 21% status it's been stuck at for the same time
deicide-question, any way to run android as vm in my pc?
neoticzamba: look at the esxupdate.log
jaelaeneotic have you gone through a migration from 6.0 to 6.5 appliance?
neoticjaelae: yes, several times.
jaelaethey had a few docs on it i read through. just trying to be careful but seems straight forwardim just dying to move away from windows to the appliance
jaelaei ran the migration assistant on the windows server and generated a few errors but was able to clear them all up
neoticit is pretty straight forward
neoticbut the documentation is quite good on it
neoticand as long as you have backups/snapshots, it's a walk in the park.
jaelaeyea i did vcenter datqabase backup. vm backup, heck i even backed up all my switches and created snapshot of vcenter
jaelaehad to upgrade loginsight, vra ops manager, vra auatomation and nsx
jaelaeso all thats done
jaelaeafter this i have to upgrade my UCS firmware :|
neoticthose are usually upgraded after vcenter, except nsx which is before.
jaelaethey were compatible with the lattest and the previous so figured didnt matter
neoticerr, vRA as well. but not log insight and vrops.
extrapolaricecan you not do an inplace upgrade of the vcsa from 6 to 6.5?
jaelaeyou can
extrapolariceis it supported?
jaelaewell i guess vcsa still deploys a new vm right
extrapolaricei have to upgrade my external VxRail vcenter to 6.5
extrapolariceand i have 40 VxRails
neoticin place upgrade = new appliance, same ip.
extrapolaricesame certs?
extrapolaricei should just pay dell to do it for me
jaelaethat might be worse
jaelaeits a simple upgrade for appliance
neoticcertificates should be the same
neoticextrapolarice: doesn't emc offer rcm on vxrail? they do on alot of other stuff
neoticbut i guess the external vcenter isn't part of the vxrail
extrapolariceemc/dell whatever. yes but not sure if FCO can be done for "external" vcenter
neoticdon't think so
neoticit's no issue to upgrade it
extrapolarice"baby, be a simple, really simple plan\oh, be something you love and understand"
neoticyou can hire me (vmware pso)! :)
extrapolaricewill you accept ELA tokens? :D :D :D
neoticpso credits!
jaelaewhats nice is if you spend vmware pso on a consultant and they fuck it up you get your pso refunded for another purpose :)
extrapolaricedon't have any pso credits with our ELA
extrapolariceim just getting cold feet about it, i just need to pull my britches up
extrapolaricegoing from VxRail 4.0 (which is vsphere 6) to VxRail 4.5 (vsphere 6.5)
extrapolaricethe complicated part is there is a pivotal cloud foundry environment running on it
neoticah nice
neotichow do you like PCF?
FrostCyborgSo I'm torn... do I upgrade to 6.5 or just patch 6.0 to latest?
neoticupgrade \o/
FrostCyborgYeah? U1 pretty stable and fixed a lot of the issues with 6.5?
FrostCyborgI have tried to read up on some current issues still, but I like to ask end user admin's opinions
neoticoh, i'm not an admin.
meyoublargh linux FLR failing in veeam, confirmed the host has a vmkernel port with connectivity on the network it's griping about
meyoui feel like i've had this issue and resolved it before but i'm drawing a blank
EnphuegoIs there an IRC channel for vRA/vRO questions?
Enphuegowhat is the channel name?
Enphuegoso I'm attempting to pass an environment variable to an SSH session in vRO, but when I echo the environment variable it doesn't seem like it worked
Enphuegoshoot I can't snip code in directly using this web client
Enphuegosession = new SSHSession(hostName, username, port); session.addEnvironment("$ANSIBLE_VAULT_PASSWORD",AnsibleVaultPassword)
Enphuegowhen I run the command echo $ANSIBLE_VAULT_PASSWORD I get a blankd
EnphuegoIt could be that I didn't export the variable but I'm not really sure how you'd do that with SSHSession.addEnvironment()
neoticsometimes i'm so happy that i don't have to work with vro (yet).
twkmthe variable name shouldn't have the $ prefix, it is not part of the name.
Enphuegotwkm that's the command running via ssh
twkm[repeat:] the variable name shouldn't have the $ prefix, it is not part of the name.
Enphuegotkwm oh let me change that back, I was experimenting
Enphuegoyep, fixed that but it still doesn't work
EnphuegoI tried changing AnsibleVaultPassword to a String to make it simpler, still getting a blank
meyou[07.02.2018 11:27:59] <12> Error RPC function call failed. Function name: [InvokerTestConnection]. Target machine: []. (Veeam.Backup.Common.CAppException)
Enphuegois there a workflow in vRO where they pass environment variables via SSH so I can check how they did it?
neoticEnphuego: i guess you've checked the code forum?
Enphuegono, didn't know about that
neoticisn't there a "run ssh command" workflow by default? not sure if that includes any variables
EnphuegoYes, I cloned it to do my workflow but it didn't have env variables
neotichowever that's for vro 4.2
Enphuegoyep that's what I'm trying to use
Enphuegofixed it! I had to edit my /etc/ssh/sshd_config to have a line for AcceptEnv <variable name>
KaiForceESXi 5.5, I did a P2V of an OEM licensed server and I'm putting it back on the hardware it is tied to. Can the VM "see" the Dell hardware to re-license with the same key or do I need to re-license the server?
meyouit'll be the latter
meyoumore of a ##windows-server question tho
genecKaiForce: you've P2Vd to another server and now moving it back as a VM to the original server? no, the guest OS can't see the Dell hardware since there is none to see.
KaiForceexposing the physical aspect of the hardware to the VM is definitely a vmware question, if it can be done. Something like https://communities.vmware.com/thread/545858
genecKaiForce: tl;dr: YES, you do need to completely re-license the OS instance unless there's a clause specific to the OEM license that allows that kind of portability
genecKaiForce: generally, the OEM licensed instances are not portable like this but given that VMX trick, it might activate. the issue then: is such trickery within the scope of your OEM license?
KaiForcethe license is tied to the machine, I'm running it on the machine. I don't see the trickery aspect.
KaiForceI'm not moving it to new hardware, I'm just adding a virtualization layer
genecKaiForce: the issue is the terms. the terms of the license might prohibit the virtualization layer in the middle
genecbut, why ESXi-5.5? seems ancient
KaiForce5.5 patch 10, only two years old :)
KaiForceeverything I've read says I'm ok if I'm on the same hardware, but if I'm not that's cool too, I just need to know
KaiForceI'm not going to be vmotioning this thing around, it will stay put
beanbag-what hw
KaiForceDell Poweredge
genecKaiForce: read the actual license
genechmmm... 6.5.0 2016-11-15 and 6.0.0 2015-03-12 ...
KaiForcechecking, it is their low end tower model
KaiForce110 II
genecan 11th gen. does it have the iDRAC even if you don't have the iDRAC enterprise card with discrete port?
beanbag-it should be able to do > 5.5
beanbag-vmware might not certify it but shbould work
genecACTION ponders how many Dell servers are default-configured to allow with defaults to just... randomly shut it down? LOL
beanbag-if it has the xeon cpu
genecbeanbag-: VMware doesn't certify unless a vendor pays for such
beanbag-i was going to run a core2xeon 6.5 box just at home but looks like meltdown/spectre patches will make it worhtless
genecbeanbag-: which CPU number?
beanbag-the last .45nm core based xeons the only ones that will still run in 6.5
beanbag-7.x will likely cut them off
beanbag-it's a precision desktop with ecc so it's basically a poweredge in a desktop
beanbag-it's fine for jus a home vm box, I don't need speed just shut to run happily in the background
beanbag-but looks like the double whammy meltdown/spectre patching in both host and guest will crush a core2xeon to death
genecbeanbag-: so a Penryn. Harpertown E54xx I hope and not Wolfdale-DP E52xx. still needs hot hot hot FBDIMMs
beanbag-yeah I was going to buy 1 or 2 e5400 depends if I could find another heatsink
beanbag-that's how I got that box free the fbdimm fan has a bad bearing
beanbag-dell wants $100 but its the same $20 nidec fan just swap the fan connector
genecI'd much rather have a Westmere
beanbag-yeah well I rather have a lot of newer things but right now working on new car and place to live :P
genecI'm half surprised a Penryn still boots
beanbag-you mean in esxi or in general?
genec(6.5 vs 6.0)
beanbag-yeah I checked
beanbag-in the hcl database
beanbag-they have to be .45 though
beanbag-at first I thought mabye it eas for the sse4 require ent but atom's without sse4 are supported unless they made an excemption
genecbeanbag-: that's 45nm. not .45nm
beanbag-yeah sorry
genecfor reference, silicon atoms are around 0.2nm wide and hydrogen is 0.1, hence atto being 1E-10 for 1am
KaiForceHere is my answer, now I need to have someone go get it.... http://www.dell.com/support/article/bb/en/bbbsdt1/sln248734/windows-2008-r2-location-of-virtual-product-key?lang=en
genecKaiForce: so you're waiting for someone to look at the physical server?
KaiForceI have to send someone over, yes
KaiForcethe pictures I have from the office setup unfortunately did not include that
beanbag-LATER ALL
genecthe lack of space on the front/back preclude the tag from being very visible
genecKaiForce: just be glad someone didn't shove it underneath the rail attachments
KaiForceno doubt
Titan282VMware Fusion 10.1.1 (7520154) on MacOS on 10.13.3. Every time I open Fusion, my bluetooth disconnects every bluetooth device I have. Anyone ever seen anything like this?
Mr_Roboto1Hey this may be a silly question but does any one have any idea how to run IOmeter on an NFS share?
twkmsounds like it is trying, badly, to share all bluetooth with a guest.
Titan282I have opened a ticket with VMware. On the community forum at VMware, it appears many are having the same issue.
Titan282I was just curious if anyone had a work around until they issue a fix.
twkmon winblows i turn off the "share all bluetooth" setting when i create vm's, so i don't think i can have seen this.